Holiday Hand and Foot Print Roundup

I must say, I am over whelmed by the cuteness of handprint and footprint art!  I gathered up all my old articles through the years and put them in this Holiday Hand and Foot Print Roundup.  From ornaments to canvas, it’s all super cute.  I have my tips and tricks at the bottom of this article so don’t miss them before your start!

Top 8 Holiday Handprint and Footprint Art by Pin it to Remember it!

Holiday Hand and Foot Print Roundup

Snowman Handprint Ornaments

*Do Not use Glass Ornaments for handprint crafts with kids.  Aside from the heartbreak if they break throughout the years, I don’t want glass shards in my excited toddlers hand!

Handprint Glitter Ornanment

*If you buy an ornament that already has the glitter finish, your 80% done!

DIY Mistletoes Holiday Keepsake Foot Prints

*Check out your local Dollar Tree for cute plates like this one!

Top 8 Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print art by

*Another great Dollar Tree find!  They usually have the completely white plates too if you’d prefer to do the decorating.

Reindeer Hand and Foot Prints by

Don’t forget the edges on your canvas!  I dipped the edges in glitter to help the dead white space.

DIY Handprint Christmas Tree by

Okay, this is a little busy.  But so is our regular tree!  Make sure you plan out your embellishments ahead of time or you may end up with a mess.

Top 8 Holiday Handprint and Footprint Art

I buy the $10 bucket of Crayola Air Dry Clay to make all our clay pieces.  Yes, I could make my own.  But with all the decorating I’m doing after these dry, that’s just one step I’d like to skip.  This clay is also very forgiving on any mistakes.  I’ve even dropped one and with a wet brush adhered them together without any lines!

DIY-Holiday-Handprint-Keepsake-Christmas-Canvas by

Canvas is THIRSTY.  Buy a white canvas and pre-paint with whatever you’d like your background to be.  You may need a couple layers, but it turns out great!

Holiday Hand and Foot Print Roundup

MommaliciousMommy Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Acrylic Paint, NOT TEMPURA.  Acrylic washes out of every surfice in my house, including my rug.  MY house – always assume it will stain till you test it for yourself.  But the tempura peels off plates and tiles or flakes off where the acrylic wont.  It’s also too thin for the canvas, the amount of layers needed to put on would be ridiculous.
  • Keep wet wipes on hand and remember, you can clean up your kids print so don’t stress too hard when collecting!  *Even white canvas can be forgiving with wet wipes.
  • Don’t worry about filling in the print if it’s too blotchy or you missed most of a finger.  Dab it in with your pinky.
  • When in doubt, use glitter glue.  Glitter glue fixes everything in my house.
  • Aren’t in love with your hand writing?  Me neither.  Use the letters from the scrapbooking area of your local craft store.  Stickers, they save my sanity.
  • If your child is too young to not squish in the paint or unball their little cute hands……do the tracing crafts.  Wait for your baby to be in a dead sleep and get out the pencil and trace away.  For the toddlers, I give them something they find fascinating (in my house that’s a jar full of glitter glue and water) and trace while they sit amazed.  Distraction is half of my parenting approach.
  • Again, don’t stress over the print.  This is FUN and you will LOVE whatever you get – I promise.




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